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water hygiene maintenance

Water Hygiene Management refers to practices which preserve the health of water systems including drinking water supplies, domestic hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, air handling units, swimming pools, spa pools, shower systems or any application where an aerosol spray could be generated. Our qualified and experienced water treatment consultants and engineers can create and implement bespoke water hygiene management programs to maintain the water hygiene in your premises. We ensure that your water system is safe and free from all sort of physical, chemical and micro-biological contaminants

Cleaning & Disinfection

Aqua Technologies's qualified and experienced engineers carry out cleaning and chemical disinfection of Hot & Cold Water Storage Tanks and associated pipe works. The process follows the methods recommended in HSE's ACOP L8 and BS8558 and involves draining and cleaning the tank to remove sediments, scale, sludge and bio-film before refilling and chlorinating the water to the required level. The treated water is distributed throughout the system and allowed to stand for a period of time before the chemical is neutralized. The entire system is then thoroughly flushed before being re-commissioned. Aqua Technologies also uses latest technologies like Silver Peroxide and Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection.

Pre-Commissioning Cleaning

New pipework often contains debris leftover from construction which can cause corrosion, damage and encourage microbiological growth which will in turn cause severe corrosion, blockage etc. Flushing, chemical cleaning and system stabilization is required for heating, chilled and condenser circuits also. This work will increase plant efficiency and minimize downtime caused by blocked filters, strainers and abrasion in pump seals etc. When existing systems are found to be fouled by corrosion, scale or debris resulting from a lack of incorrect treatment, Aqua Technologies offer an in-line cleaning programme using non toxic chemical cleaning technology in conjunction with the flushing and inhibiting procedures used in pre-commission cleaning.

Closed Circuit heating systems treatment

We carry out heating systems treatment for many commercial properties, hospitals, schools, and care homes across the country. This includes flushing, chemical cleaning, inhibitor dosing, water sampling and monitoring.

Closed Circuit Cooling water treatment

With closed systems, there is normally minimal water loss and hence negligible concentration of the dissolved minerals. With these systems, the cooling of water occurs by means of heat ex-changers, refrigeration equipment or radiators. Closed systems are used typically in refrigeration chilled water or engine cooling systems. We have an effective treatment program for closed Systems.

Swimming Pool Treatment & Monitoring

We carry out treatment and monitoring for a number of swimming pools across UK. We use Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide and Silver peroxide for the disinfection of swimming pools. When we use chlorine as a disinfectant and an oxidizer at a pH value of 6.5 often, acid is added to lower the pH value. Chlorine kills pathogenic microorganisms that are present in the water. When too much chlorine is present, it can cause eye and mucous membrane irritation, as a result of chloramines formation. Lowering the chlorine concentration is undesirable, because this increases the water borne diseases. Regular monitoring and sampling is highly necessary for swimming pools. Aqua Technologies provide highly professional service as well as training to operators.


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ISO International Standards provide practical tools for tackling many of today's global challenges. Learn how International Standards work in the real world in sectors such as Health, Water, Food, Climate change and many more...

SafePQQ Accreditation

SafePQQ is an extension of the SafeContractor health and safety contractor management system, that provides organisations with greater visibility of their supply chain compliance. It is an online product built to include the common question sets defined within PAS91, a standardised pre-qualification questionnaire.

Legionella Control

The Legionella control Association (LCA) is a voluntary organisation whose membership comprises providers of services and products concerned with the control of legionella bacteria in water systems.


Constructionline - which is the UK's largest register of pre-qualified contractors and consultants - has begun a major upgrade to its system to ensure it follows the principles of the new BSI Public Available Specification (PAS91) for its pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ).


Safecontractor is the fastest growing health and safety accreditation scheme in the UK, with more than 160 major clients and almost 18,000 contractor members. Registered members with the safecontractor scheme include clients and contractors from a wide range of professional disciplines working within a number of industry sectors.