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Legionella Risk Assessment to British Standards and Consultancy Services

We carry out various number of risk assessments in commercial properties, hospitals, schools, care homes & housing associations throughout the country. All the risk ssessments are included with a schematic drawing, log book, written scheme and an estimate of the remedial actions recommended. We provide a consultancy service in water treatment and Legionella control to several clients across the country to ensure the water systems are in compliance with HSE's ACOP L8.

Temperature monitoring to British Standards

We organize monthly temperature monitoring for several office dwellings, hospitals, care homes, residential complexes and housing associations to ensure the water system operating temperatures are in compliance with ACOP L8 guidelines.

Water & Air Quality Monitoring

Our specialized engineers carry out on site water & air monitoring which include:

  • Cold water storage tank inspection
  • Hot water system inspection
  • Take water samples appropriately and safely
  • Measure and compare water quality variables using different field and laboratory methods
  • Conduct standard chemical, biological and microbiological water tests
  • Water quality assessment

We carry out hot and cold water system inspection and water sampling for microbiological analysis. We issue a certificate of compliance to ensure the water system is in compliance with current legislations.

Cleaning and Disinfection to British Standards

We execute cleaning and disinfections for water storage tanks such as plastic tanks, galvanized steel tanks and GRP tanks which ensures that the water storage is free from sedimentation, scale, corrosion, mould, debris. Also, we carry out disinfection for hot water systems including calorifiers and water heaters by using the method pasteurization, chlorination and chlorine dioxide disinfections.

Pre-commissioning Cleaning

New pipework often contains debris leftover from construction which can cause corrosion, damage and encourage microbiological growth which will in turn cause severe corrosion, blockage etc. Flushing, chemical cleaning and system stabilization is required for heating, chilled and condenser circuits also.

This work will increase plant efficiency and minimize downtime caused by blocked filters, strainers and abrasion in pump seals etc. When existing systems are found to be fouled by corrosion, scale or debris resulting from a lack of incorrect treatment, Aqua Technologies offer an in-line cleaning programme using non toxic chemical cleaning technology in conjunction with the flushing and inhibiting procedures used in pre-commission cleaning.

Closed Circuit heating systems treatment

We carry out heating systems treatment for many commercial properties, hospitals, schools, and care homes across the country. This includes flushing, chemical cleaning, inhibitor dosing, water sampling and monitoring.

Closed circuit cooling systems treatment

With closed systems, there is normally minimal water loss and hence negligible concentration of the dissolved minerals. With these systems, the cooling of water occurs by means of heat ex-changers, refrigeration equipment or radiators. Closed systems are used typically in refrigeration chilled water or engine cooling systems. We have an effective treatment program for closed Systems.

Swimming pool treatment and monitoring

We offer treatment and monitoring for various swimming pools across the UK. Monitoring swimming pools is highly necessary for health and safety concerns. We carry out swimming pool treatment, monitoring, microbiological sampling and maintenance.

Pump Maintenance

We carry out installation, maintenance and trouble shooting of any booster pumps, sewage pumps, submersible pumps and associated systems including controls. We provide 24/7 call out facility with 4-6 hours time limit anywhere in London.

Air-conditioning and Ventillation Maintenance

We manage a number of commercial properties across the country with variety of air-conditioning systems including Chiller systems, VRV, VRF and multi-split units. Our F-gas certified engineers are expert in installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

General plumbing

We undertake all types of domestic and commercial plumbing works across the country and our workmanship is guaranteed for six years.

Electrical Services

We provide all sorts of electrical installation and maintenance services in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

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